Firstly, who are we?

Annie Pearson is the founder – passionate about business and human potential. She believes business is a vehicle for creativity and freedom – IF you follow the ‘Conscious Business’ and ‘Happy Business’ models. Gone are the days where people got in to business because they had to – well maybe those days aren’t gone but gone can and should be the days of being in business that you are not happy doing or being in.

Admin Happy is about the Bookkeeping and Admin side of business. Yes that evil that is necessary for every business. OK some may want to pretend that it’s not necessary and put their heads in the sand about it but that doesn’t make it go away.

Getting ‘Admin Happy’ is the second step to having a ‘Happy Business’. Getting Started is the first 🙂 The team at Admin Happy are about making it (your bookkeeping and admin) and your life easy around the admin and bookkeeping side of things. Liberating people from their bookkeeping and admin or rather managing it in a way that liberates them, allowing them to relax, have the peace of mind and confidence that it’s ‘Always up to Date’ and at their fingertips whenever and whereever they want and need.  Freeing them up to work and play on getting the rest of the business ‘Business Happy’

Reach out – contact us:

Email: contactus@adminhappy.com.au

Skype: AdminHAPPY Support

Post: PO Box 633, Port Melbourne VIC 3207

Phone: +61 412 440 051

Facebook: AdminHAPPYAU

This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form.

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