Make your life easier – Streamline Optimise, Automate to Liberate

Our motto(s) “Make your life easier” and then “Streamline Optimise, Automate to Liberate”

At Admin Happy, we are passionate about business and human potential.

Business is a fabulous vehicle for creativity, fun and freedom…………….. if and when people create it that way.

We love seeing people thrive in their business (and life for that matter), share their gifts with the world, add value to peoples lives and get paid for it – Fair Exchange!.

Bookkeeping and Admin are unfortunately still a necessary evil for every business. We cannot at this point in time completely eliminate your paperwork, bookkeeping and or admin completely. We certainly however can make it and your life a lot easier.

Founder, Annie Pearson has worked across a broad range of businesses, the big, the small, from start up to finish up and a hugh variety of different industries from Digital and Web developement to Hospitatlity, Events, Health, Education, Motor Vehicle, Finance and businesses that have created their own industry and need.

What drove Annie to create ‘Admin Happy’ was her experience of a lot of people with such great business ideas and great passions only to be bogged down in admin and bookkeeping.

And she knew, it didn’t have to be that hard and so she set about proving that and thanks to technology it got a whole lot easier to do. She set about creating, testing and trialling the ‘Always up to Date’ system – applying the SOAL principles – Streamline, Optimise, Automate to Liberate to make life easier.

At Admin Happy, we are about Streamlinging, Optimising, Automating to liberate people from their bookkeeping and admin giving them back time, peace of mind and energy.  Freeing them up to work and play on the other parts of their business and life that need and want their focus.

Getting ‘Admin Happy’ is just one step but a huge one towards being ‘Business Happy’

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