It’s about streamlining, optimising, automating and liberating.

We’ve developed our ‘Always up to Date’ system using the SOAL principles – We’ve tried and tested so we know it works.

It’s NOT FOR EVERYONE.  It simply doesn’t work if you are halfhearted about it.

Our system does depends on you getting us the information we need, via the systems and tools we set you up with and getting it to us in a timely manner…. don’t worry, we do make this really easy for you – as above, we streamline, optimise and the most fun part is automate – actually the most fun part is ‘Liberate’ – it gives us great joy to liberate you

BUT, if you don’t hold up your side of the bargain and we are unable to follow our system smoothly and in flow, it and we can become inefficient and costly so you need to make sure this is the 

It IS FOR THOSE who value and are committed to having their books, admin and finances up to date.

We can do this really cost effectively and efficiently when we work as a team ie. you do your part in providing us with the information we need enabling us then in turn to do our magic and deliver you great results.

We don’t guess, do mess, or stress – we do Streamline, Optimise and Automate where we can to Liberate you from the stresses and worries of not knowing where your business is at.

  • We do help you clear/clean up your mess and then get you on the system and tools that allow us to keep you ‘Always up to Date’ We don’t do continued mess ie. if you are not committed to working with the system and getting things cleared up then we are not the ones for you.  So people are stuck in their cycle of mess – we know it’s psychological/subconscious and keeps them “safe” albeit a subconscious “safe”
  • We don’t guess. We have had clients that want/expect us to guess/code transactions that we don’t know what they are. We will of course make some informed assumptions eg. parking, Uber, Taxi etc but it is your business and we value and expect you will take responsibility for it and the transactions, interactions and provide us with upfront, honest advice and direction. If we are unsure of a transactions, we will ask questions for clarification/direction so if you are someone who dislikes taking responsibility and answering questions about your business then we are not the people for you.
  • We don’t do stress. We get it, it can be overwhelming. We know that sometimes in business, you just have to get going and doing and some things get pushed aside. Some people are caught in the cycle of stress and overwhelm and mess ie. they’ve developed a subconscious cycle and it’s become a ‘safe’ place.

Our Values

  • Responsibility: It’s your business.
  • Continual Improvement: Time and technology are moving so quickly. We are in the world where software launch and then correct. We roll with new things, give them a go, trial, test and sometimes can get it wrong. We are also human so can sometimes just get it wrong but what you can feel assured of is that we are committed to continual improvement.
  • Collaboration: where the magic really is. This is where real creativity and fun is. We bring our piece of the pie and you bring yours and maybe your accountants and other trusted advisors we all win.
  • Fun: We are here for a short time so why not have some fun whilst we are at it 🙂 but seriously we don’t believe in doing things (long term) if it’s not fun. Sure there will be things that we dislike doing and are a drain but all towards and only if the other side that gives us fun, freedom, happiness at the other end.
  • Honesty: Let’s face it, it’s just nicer dealing with people you know are honest and up front 🙂
  • Creativity: All above board creativity that is. Creative in that we think outside of the square to create solutions to problems. We generally don’t let ‘problems’ stop us. We need to be creative to compliment our other value ‘Continual Improvement’

We will help you get Admin and Business Happy

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